Activated carbon adsorption

Activated carbon particle (GAC) treatment of VOCs process

The device adopts GAC as the adsorption material to absorb organic solvents in tail gas efficiently. GAC has rich pore diameter and high adsorption efficiency, which can be used for adsorption and reuse of solvents of different sizes.

The automatic control unit, electrical unit and safety unit of the device are designed in strict accordance with various national/international standards, and the components with high reliability and stability are selected to configure the whole equipment, together with the intuitive control interface design, so as to ensure users' convenient and assured use.

It is recommended that users use this device to adsorb and process the following kinds of solvent waste gas: alkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, etc.)...

The device is also applicable to the adsorption treatment of the waste gas of the above kind of multi-component mixed solvent, and can separate some mixed solvents.